Not just a poster - other ideas and uses for digital downloads

We are in the process of creating more designs and activities, but have also found so many more uses for our posters and charts in the process. They are not just learning decor for your walls. Here are several ideas to help trigger inspiration for you. Home learning and homework tools that can be made fun! 

If you have any other creative ways to use our digital downloads we'd love to see them. Please contact us or tag us on Instagram at @mywonderfuldayau.


If you have run out of paper, don’t forget the markup feature on Apple devices where your kids can trace over, or colour in the PDF on your device. Try laminating a copy, or placing in a dry erase pocket. These are a great homework tool. These are so good to use with white board markers to practice spelling words out, recognising letters or tracing shapes. 

Match Up

Print 2x copies of your poster (e.g. numbers). Using one as the base, cut the shapes out on your second print, allowing kids to use as a match up activity placing on top of the master copy.

Fraction Activities

Cut up the fraction panels and ask your child to place them in order from biggest to smallest (or vice versa). As they get confident you can start separating the percentages and diagrams to be matched with the text.

Puzzles and Counting

I have been using little alphabet letter packs, mixing them up and having our daughter place the wooden letter on the poster. The same can be done by counting pebbles, or discs on the numbers poster. Our 1-100 numbers poster Is so very helpful for those in primary years learning math. 

Rewards and Goals Charts 

Children crave routine and validation. We wanted these charts to be our most versatile product. Reward and goal charts can be adapted to grow with your own families individual needs. It can be used to encourage, support and reinforce a child’s behaviour or desired association with something. Ideally helping our tiny people gain confidence with transitional phases.

If you haven’t used these before you may want to trial different strategies to see what is going to work best for your family. Some children are driven by a sense of value and purpose for completing a task - and others are motivated by what they are working towards. You may choose to offer your child rewards or prizes at the end of each row or completed chart. Or have them work towards a goal. We like to let our daughter pick an activity or experience she wants to do! It gives her motivation to work towards. 

How you choose to fill these charts in is entirely up to you, we like to use stickers as she sees that as a reward in itself. Just keep an eye on your child placing some sneaky "bonus stickers" on the chart. 

These charts are not just limited to children, they can be used by the whole family. Here is a short list of possible uses, but don't let this limit you! 

  • Daily Chores
  • Daily Routines
  • Toilet Training
  • Sleep Training
  • Behavioural Development
  • Homework / Homeschooling 

 We hope these ideas are helpful and will continue to keep you updated as we find new ways to use our digital designs. 

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